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09/11/15 – 09/13/15 – Travis attends SPNDallas with Bill Bakho:  


Reba Snodgrass:  Reba Snodgrass (@mishanews & @RebaWinchester) came forward May 20, 2016, saying she had been walking Travis to his Black SUV at DallasCon, and he had propositioned her back to his hotel room.  There were MANY discrepancies with this scenario.

Travis had not offically been actually working that night at the convention.  He had just stopped by to say goodbye to some fellow cast members and to Connie (Creation employee, also known as The Lady In Red).

  1. As Travis was not working that evening, he also would not have had a Creation-supplied vehicle for transport, nor would he have had a handler to escort him to his car.
  2. Travis was walked to his car (not SUV) not only by Connie, a Creation employee, but also by friends Bill Bakho, Betty Black, and Misty Cloud.  They walked him to the rental car that Misty had obtained especially for the trip to Dallas that same day, so her daughter could see Travis.
  3. On his way out, Travis stopped to give a fan in a wheelchair a hug, went on to the Toyota with Misty, said his goodbyes, and Misty then drove Travis and Bill to a hotel approximately 45 minutes away, as they had tickets to a Dallas Cowboy’s game the next day and wanted to be closer to the stadium.

Once the discrepancies were noted by Misty online, Reba Snodgrass quickly changed her story, claiming she had the color of the SUV wrong, it was white.  She then showed a picture of Travis, Bill, Ruth Connel, and Alaina Huffman taken at a local restaurant, with a white Lexus SUV behind them.  She was claiming that Creation had supplied them with that.  She then showed a picture of Travis in the lobby of the convention hall, saying goodbye to people, and way way behind him, through the doors, you can see a white SUV.  She was claiming it was the same vehicle.  There were a few, if not a lot, of discrepancies with this scenario also.

  1. The picture of Travis, Bill, Ruth, and Alaina was taken THURSDAY night. Since the guests were on their own time Thursday night, before the con even started, they were also on their own dime, meaning they supplied their own transportation.  Travis and Bill had met Alaina and Ruth at a restaurant, a distance away from the convention center, and had walked.  Therefore no car would have been waiting.  Also, lets face it, Creation would NOT supply a Lexus SUV for their guests.
  2. While the picture Reba submitted as evidence, showing Travis in the lobby with a white SUV parked outside of the doors, way in the background, this was not their vehicle.  Their friend, Misty Cloud, had volunteered to drive them to their hotel, where Travis and Bill roomed together, which was 45 minutes away.  Misty is a long- time Travis fan and has known Travis and Bill from the start of his Supernatural run.  Her vehicle had broken down that morning when she left to drive from Arkansas to Texas, and had to rent a vehicle to get there.  She had gone to DALCon specifically so her daughter could meet Travis, as he had been a big influence on her previously.
  3. There are many pictures of Travis wearing the same shirt seen in the earlier lobby pic with the white SUV. In one,  he is outside with fans that evening, where there was a group T-Wadesters photo (Travis’s fan club), with Misty’s rental car in the background, door open, proving it was the same night.
  4. There are posts online from another Travis fan who specifically notes that he was in a car that evening and said hi to them from said car.


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Same week that Reba Snodgrass accuses Travis, she asks for money.  She also goes to VANCon not long after asking for money for a move.  Granted, she may have been a volunteer, but she still would have been responsible for her travel expenses, as at that time Creation Entertainment only paid their volunteers with photo ops.


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In November, 2016, not knowing Reba Snodgrass was actually @mishaNews at the time, conversation was started about Travis being a possible guest at a convention Reba had been trying to plan for Supernatural fans, which would be cheaper than a Creation event.  They kept in touch on and off over the next few months until February, when in an email Travis asked his assistant to make sure they followed the upcoming convention, Wayward Con, on Twitter.  When Vicki went to follow @WaywardCon on Twitter, she noticed Travis was blocked.  She then received an email from Reba asking her to please follow @RebaWinchester instead, as @WaywardCon had been inactive for a while.  Upon following, Vicki saw a picture of Reba and realized she had been one of Travis’s accusers.  She immediately informed Travis, his management, and legal team. A phone call was set up with Reba Snodgrass to discuss the situation, and Reba would confess that she had no idea that anyone from that account had made such an accusation, and that someone else had been running the account at the time, as her father had been dying.  Reba stated that she had been working the Louden Swain Merchandise table that night in Dallas,  and had been asked to walk Travis to his car.  As she was working the table alone that night, I’m positive they would not have asked her to do that and leave the merchandise and money in the open.  Also there’s the fact that Travis was not even working that night, so a handler would not have been provided.  Neither Bill Bakho, Betty Black, Misty Cloud, or even Red Jacket Connie (Creation Entertainment Employee) remember Reba even being outside with them while walking Travis to the car. While on the phone she even mentions that Travis was a complete gentleman.  (At this point I am told there is a voice recording of the call, where Reba even agreed to being recorded, and am trying to obtain this for the site.) In the time since this original event at Dallas happened, Reba has since been banned from volunteering at Creation Conventions for a different situation.

Travis’s legal team informed him that in order for him to even consider working at a convention sponsored by one of his accusers, the accuser in question (Reba Snodgrass) would have to make a public statement saying the incident did not happen.  They gave Travis and his team specifics that had to be said if, in fact, Reba wanted Travis to work at her convention.  Since Betty Black, according to Reba, had been there that night in Dallas, Travis asked both Betty and Vicki, his assistant, to make sure the items required by his attorney, be covered in Reba’s confession.  It was to be on Periscope and Tweeted from the @MishaNews account, then retweeted from Travis’s own Twitter account. The Periscope went off without a hitch, but the next day Reba seemed uneasy.  Upon talking to Reba Snodgrass, Vicki found out that the hate she was receiving over this was much more than she had anticipated, and soon did another Periscope recanting her apology to Travis. She would claim Vicki and Betty wrote down and told her what to say.  So not only did Reba lie about the original event even happening, of which we have proof; she then lied about a supposed lie she told to get out of the original lie.


An Overdue Apology To Travis Aaron Wade




Reba Snodgrass Recants Apology



Reba Snodgrasswas also seen on an episode of Open Court, a reality TV court show which can be seen here, ironically being sued by another one of Travis’s accusers, Kristin Justice, whom you will meet in the October, 2015 section.  In my personal opinion, this only further proves that they like attention, no matter what the attention is.