Monica Gleberman / @monica1236 / President of Prime Entertainment Publicity, Contributor Hidden Remote and Netflix Lifee, Founder of This Is Us Now, Editor Swagger Magazine, PR Mackenzie Hancsicsak / Misha Collins Fan / Louden Swain Fan / Wayward Daughter

09/25/16 – 09/27/16 – Travis attends SPNNew Jersey With His Then Girlfriend, Robin Garvick,  Bill Bakho, And His Mother, Daphne Maddison:


Travis was accompanied  This must have been an important con for Travis.  Not only was Travis’s 40th birthday this weekend, but it was also trut4h’s (One of Travis’s charities) first, and ultimately last, appearance at any con.  t.r.u.t.4h. was a charity created to help send fans to cons; fans who desperately wanted to go to a con, but couldn’t afford to go due to financial or health struggles.  t.r.u.t.4h. had been working all summer to raise money to send a little girl, Jule, to this con.  Jule had had multiple open heart surgeries, with her last one being a month or two before this NJCon.  Quite a few, but not all, of the cast helped by donating items for auction, just to help Jule, including Ruth Connell, Osric Chau, Kim Rhodes, Mark Pellegrino, Alaina Huffman, and Jared Padalecki.  To the fans at the con, the weekend went off without a hitch, but behind the scenes, it was far from perfect.  Before going to the convention, Travis informed the five women working for trut4h, that no one would be allowed in the green room, no stalking the cast, and everyone had to follow all Creation rules.  At the end of the weekend Travis was informed that one of these 5 women were found in the green room, and when this woman was confronted, she falsely informed Creation that Travis had given her permission to be there.  He was also informed that one t.r.u.t.4h. volunteer had also had 16 guests staying in her hotel room, and when confronted by hotel staff and collected $250 per guest totaling $4,000, the person told them that Travis had approved this also, which he never did.  Travis would not even have the authority to approve that.  Afterwards she would complain to Vicki Malone Bartle, CEO of t.r.u.t.4h.,  that her roommates didn’t pay their share and that she didn’t have the money to pay the bill.



Monica Gleberman: What nobody has mentioned until now, is that the woman with the 16 guests in her room, and making $4000, was none other than Monica Gleberman, of t.r.u.t.4h.  Monica Gleberman is also president of Prime-Entertainment, publicity coordinator for Hidden Remote and Netflix Life, founder of This Is Us Now, editor of Swagger Magazine, and also does public relations for Mackenzie Hancsicsak from This Is Us.  I have been informed that Ms. Gleberman was quite the gossip girl while in t.r.u.t.4h., coming up with the most random and absurd claims of her ‘sexting’ and having both phone sex and actual sex with random celebrities, including at one point allegedly sleeping with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

It should also be noted that Monica Gleberman, at one time, wrote for Talk Nerdy With Us; along with Michele Villery and Jackie Borjanski.  She not only set up the two-part interview with Travis, Michele Villery and Jackie Borjanski; but she was also responsible for the phone interview for Travis with Lua James/Theresa Cotter after the hacking.

If you remember, Monica Gleberman had also been the one to have Travis join in on the GISHWHES conference call where he met Lexi Cooper, the teenager he allegedly sexually harassed over Snapchat.  (As you can see below, Monica, Lexi, and even Theresa Cotter/Lua James/@poptivist are quite close.)

It would also later be brought to Travis’s attention that the direct messages that Lua James/Theresa Cotter released, claiming were with a young girl, had actually been with Monica Gleberman, and were totally innocent between two adults.  Travis’s then girlfriend, Robin Garvick, can attest to this, as she was there when he received them and read them along with Travis.. Travis’s legal team has the complete DMs in their entirety, along with all DMs between Travis and Lua James.  These could not be released due to pending legal cases.

Lua James/Theresa Cotter would also later tweet that she spent the majority of her free time at NJCON this weekend “helping an employee of Travis Aaron Wade’s fix her hotel bill.”  This would prove to be on the dramatic side since checkout was the day after the convention ended, but this alone proves that Monica GlebermanLexi Cooper, and Lua James/Theresa Cotter were all interconnected in this whole ordeal.  There were also multiple Tweets found showing they were close, and all in a private direct message around the time of the GISHWHES conference call.


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