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04/24 – Kim Swartz Complaint: 

Kim Starts  is one of Stacy LePore’s best friends. Her claim is a lot like Rachel’s above.  Kim claims she was a fan of Travis at one point.  She even attended his 40th birthday party that some of the T-Wadesters had thrown together for him.  She was not actively involved in the fan group though, and more than likely only went along with whatever Stacy did.  In fact, other than the birthday party, Kim and Stacy both had only met him long enough for photo ops, which Creation limits to 1-2 minutes tops per op.  Kim would later tweet that the worst part of the whole ordeal was that she lost Vicki as “a friend.”  When I interviewed Vicki, she informed me that not only had she never been friends with Kim, but she had only spoken to her once in her life, at NJCon, after Kim had found out her grandfather had died.  They had not even been friends on Facebook.  In fact, once Vicki had even asked Stacy to contact Kim for her about reporting a tweet, which she did supposedly.  If, in fact, Vicki had been friends, even just on Facebook, then why wouldn’t she have just asked Kim herself?  Another instance of a random act of kindness being taken as a sign of friendship, and another “accuser” who never had any real interaction with Travis, who went along with other people’s interpretation of events.



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