Katie Maie Aucter / @katmcg / Misha Collins Fan / Louden Swain Fan / Wayward Daughter

07/24/15–07/26/15 – Travis attends SPNDC With His Sister Tracie Wade Merry:  


Travis had taken his sister, Tracie, with him to SPNDC and they spent a few days before the convention sight seeing. She attended all events during the convention with Travis as well as after the convention each night.

Katie Maie Aucter: (@katmcg)attended SPNDC as well.  Katie Maie Aucter claims that Travis “grabbed her ass” (while she was sitting down even) during a Louden Swain Concert on Saturday night (7/25).  She claims he did this while she was sitting down, and he was running by.  So this means he would have had to have been running, then slowed down, and turned around just to grab her “ass?”  I’m not entirely sure how that could happen without someone noticing besides Katie?



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