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Jessica Halliday (@tehjessicarae): 


Jessica Halliday states she had been tweeting with Travis around this time about the mental illness/no medication tweet, and he then DM’d her.  They continue to talk via DM and he states he is making a list of names of people being mean to him, and will turn it over to Misha Collins and Creation Entertainment. The fact that people thought that Travis Aaron Wade, as a co- star would have enough pull with Misha Collins or Creation Entertainment, to get anyone banned, simply amazes me.  Travis claims Jessica’s was one of the DM’s he referred to when being hacked, as he had not made it and it was no longer in his inbox.

  • In January 2016, Jessica Halliday would give Ashley McClintic, a girl who accuses Travis of sexually harassing her at CHICON Oct 2015 (more on that later), some screenshots of a post from T-Wadesters, Travis’s original fan group, on Facebook. As Jessica Halliday had never been very active, if at all, in the group, and T-Wadesters had been closed due to all recent hate breaking out, it’s obvious she had been a plant in there for some time to gain information.   It was during this time that some T-Wadesters had created a post complaining of the whole situation and those involved.  Nick Mendoza, someone Travis previously endorsed for his support of veterans, and owner and CEO of Bands For Arms, reposted a picture of Ashley’s driver’s license she had posted earlier that night, and other members were discussing how crazy they thought that was. (Nick had also posted a picture of Ashley McClintic before commenting unprofessionally  on her “pizza face.”)  Travis’s fans were extremely irritated at all of the obnoxious stories going around about Travis on social media, and believed they were venting in a private/closed setting. Ashley took the threats given to her by Jessica Halliday as threats, feared for her life, and filed a police report. I am working on obtaining a copy of that police report and will post it when I get it. I will say that Ashley accusing Nick of “stealing” the photo of her driver’s license and reposting it being criminal was a bit of a stretch.  Once you put a picture on the internet, you can’t take it back completely. Best course of action if you don’t want pics of your licenses used, would be to not upload them to the internet at all.  It should be noted that Travis had nothing to do with her license being posted online, and immediately called Mr. Mendoza to have him remove it.


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