Janelle Marie Clay Davis / @GhostOfBobby / Minerva Davis / Misha Collins Fan /Wayward Daughter


@GhostOfBobby (GOB), otherwise known as Janelle Marie Davis of Alabama, went over and beyond stalking him, claiming it was for the safety of all involved.  She encouraged fans to call their local FBI offices to report Travis and supplied phone numbers.  I’m sure if you’d like to call Detective _____    in the Los Angeles office, he would be glad to speak to you as there is already a file started by Mr. Wade’s legal team back in 2016, and continues to be added to.  @GhostOfBobby claims Travis was arrested for meth and assault.  Actually Travis was arrested in his teens for shrooms, which is now in the meth classification in law enforcement.  While he hadn’t actually taken any, they were in his vehicle, brought by some friends who were riding with him.  The assault was Travis standing up for his then girlfriend when a meter maid (considered to be the same status as Police) was hitting on her.  One of Mr. Wade’s biggest pet peeves is seeing a woman be disrespected, which is what makes this entire thing so insane.  GhostOfBobby not only dug deep enough to supposedly find out Mr. Wade’s legal records, but also what kind of cars Mr. Wade owns, so people would know to look out for them in LA, and even went as far as getting the VIN numbers so they could “double check.”  She continues to stalk and harass Travis to this day.  Recently she admitted that she knows he seems to comment on this whole fandom drama at least every four months, and she had been watching and waiting for four months for him to begin posting again, to go after him once again,  claiming it is to “protect her fandom.”  Recently she has also Tweeted pictures of herself holding a gun, you have been warned.



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