Elizabeth Wera / @elizaBeth_W_481 / Misha Collins Fan / Louden Swain Fan / Wayward Daughter

11/15/15:  Elizabeth Vera has meltdown on Twitter:

Elizabeth Vera is a friend of Ashley McClintic.  She was at Chicon at karaoke on the night in question.  Some of Travis’s fans notified him of some of their friends who had been there that evening in case his attorneys needed to question them.  Elizabeth was on the list.  A fan sent Travis and his assistant a screenshot from Elizabeth’s account, showing pictures from karaoke that evening, telling people what a wonderful time she had, and had tried hard to get close enough to Travis to get a hug.  She also states she was too far away from the stage to really see what was happening.  In fact, when Ashley tweets about the incident on 10/26/15, Elizabeth asks what happened, as she was not really paying attention.  Imagine legal’s surprise when Elizabeth speaks up a week later saying she saw everything and even wrote to Creation to condemn Travis’s actions that evening.  When fans noticed and confronted her, she had a meltdown.  This meltdown happened early morning on 11/15/15.  She now is claiming Travis harassed her and stalked her via DM when he and his management tried contacting her to find out why she had changed her story.  She also claimed that this triggered her PTSD.




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