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GISHWHES Conference Call:

GISHWHES is an annual scavenger hunt event thrown by Misha Collins, Castiel on Supernatural, and his charity Random Acts.  In July 2015, they had a massive conference call where Misha himself would call in and speak to fans, along with some of the other actors from the show. Around the same time, Travis had been speaking to Monica Gleberman to help get word out on his charity he had started, named t.r.u.t.4h., which helped get fans with health issues or financial handicap to get to conventions to meet their favorite actors.  At the suggestion of Monica Gleberman(@monica1236, president of Prime Entertainment Publicity, moderator for many official fan sites, and PR rep for several actors), Travis joined in on the GISHWHES conference call, thinking it would be great to help out one of his philanthropist cast members.  It should be noted that Misha Collins has never supported any of Travis’s charities for veterans or animals, but most notably Misha did not even reach out to help t.r.u.t.4h., which helps fans.  The majority of philanthropists support each others causes, especially the ones that support the actor’s fanbase.   It was during this call that Lexi Cooper introduced herself to Travis.  While on the call, he heard that Lexi was upset and possibly dealing with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts, so he spoke to her during the call.  Following this, the fangirl in Lexi exploded.  It should be noted that the ONLY time that Travis Aaron Wade had ever Tweeted to Lexi, was to give her a T-Wadester nickname which SHE requested.
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04/24/16 – Lexi Cooper Claims Alleged Sexually Harassment On Snapchat:  

Lexi Cooper would claim that she and Travis had been speaking on Snapchat since November 2015. The only problem with this statement is that Travis did not even get a Snapchat account until January 2016, and even then never even had the password to the account.  She claims that he also began sexually harassing her on Snapchat, but this video given to me by Vicki, Travis’s assistant, shows you that it was technologically impossible to do as she claims by her proof.



More than likely, since the actual username of the account was never actually shown, they had created two other accounts on Snapchat, one being another Travis account, and had conversations which they recorded. (Proven by the fact that when they search for Travis, Travisaaron10 pops up? That would not pop up in search unless you type in the 10 at the end.)  Then, in order to make one believe it was Travis’s actual account, they either edited the video or edited screenshots into a video, so they could change Travis to Travis Aaron on the left side of the chat window.   Having a user name with  two separate names within the chat window itself is not technologically possible.


More from Lexi after the accusations came out:


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Things to think about:

  1. Alleged Phone Calls: In the photos above,  Lexi Cooper states Travis called her and made her uncomfortable by asking information about her.  Let’s look at this.  A) If he did, in fact, call her; how did he get her phone number?  B) The only time he ever asks a fan for information was to give them a T-Wadester nickname….which they had to personally request. Once requested, he would ask them to tell him something about themselves or he would go look at their Twitter profile to come up with a nickname that he thought fit them.
  2. Lexi’s Constant Direct Messages To Travis On His Personal Facebook Account: If you look at the Facebook DM, the last message was from her on Jan 11, 2016.  If, in fact, there ever were any phone calls, and they had made Lexi Cooper so uncomfortable, why try to reach out to him?
  3. Why Ask Personal Questions Publicly:If they had been speaking on the phone, why would she ask the question about his tattoos or his address for a Christmas card on Twitter?  These sound like rather personal questions she would have asked privately.
  4. Travis Aaron Wade Not Contracted For SPN New Jersey In 2016: In the message that Travis allegedly sent to her on Snapchat, it says “I can’t wait till jersey.”  She stated that he allegedly snapped her in Feb – March 2016, which was after SPNNJ 2015; and he was never contracted for SPNNJ 2016, which was in November that year.  In fact, SPNMinn in August 2016, was his last Creation Convention he had signed a contract for.  So, if that WAS him, why would he be excited about Jersey exactly?
  5. Story Constantly Changed To Fit Mood: After her accusation came out, Lexi Cooper seemed to have quite the temper.  If someone disagreed with her about Travis, or argued he couldn’t have done this, somehow the story always seemed to get instantly worse i.e. “well he felt me up,” or “this was still happening last week.”
  6. Knew Law Regarding Slander And Statute Of Limitations: Eventually Lexi Cooper deleted all Tweets and accusations.  She later mentioned from her other Twitter account (@hugsforthemish) that the statute of limitations in New Jersey for slander was one year.  She stated that statute of limitations had therefore expired and he supposedly couldn’t sue her for slander now. Does this sound like a girl who was sexually harassed, or someone who was trying to get away with something.