– Factual Timeline Of Events –


As an investigative journalist, I spend quite a bit of time on social media.  While researching some celebrity sexual harassment complaints, I noticed several fans of a lesser known show, speaking of actor Travis Aaron Wade.  They were complaining he was a horrible person who sexually harassed/stalked girls. I have worked on stories that involve false sexual harassment claims over the past year, and have found quite a few discrepancies with the information provided to the public regarding this situation.  Granted some information could not be shared due to pending legal cases with authorities against said Supernatural group, but I have shared here what I have been permitted to.  Did these people spend the last three years of their lives trying to intentionally ruin this man’s reputation?  Is it possible that they simply did not like his character on the show, and wanted him out of the way so that their favorite characters on the show could get more recognition?  Through this investigation, as you will see for yourself, I believe that is exactly what they did.  I have also learned that, as sad and pathetic as this is, not all people listed in this timeline are original contributors to this smear campaign.  Some of the individuals in this timeline were only putting blind faith in friends, wanting to trust someone who claimed to be “family;” but in the end, family, blood related or not, can do more damage to a person than any friend ever can.  Until now, Mr. Wade’s side of any of these alleged “stories” have not been told.  I believe it’s time for the other side to be heard publicly.

As this story is long and detailed with multiple photos to back it up, putting everything on one page would have taken too long to load.  Who has time for that?  I have tried to make reading it as easy as possible.  You may go to the menu and see the events by year and trolls involved by name and Twitter username. Please don’t forget to read the Random & Final Thoughts before you leave.