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04/16 – Stacy LePore Complaint: 

Stacy LePore (@StaceJoSPN / @LoveAndSwain) was a member of T-Wadesters, even attending the 40th birthday party for Travis at NJCon that was thrown by his fans,  and even a close friend of Travis’s assistant at one point. She had even given Vicki a general admission ticket to NJCCON in 09/2015.  After interviewing several T-Wadesters, I found that to most it seemed like Stacy “switched sides” overnight.  They were all confused.  Vicki and Travis tried contacting Stacy to see what was wrong as she had been such a good friend and avid Travis supporter.  They tried to find a mutual friend to contact her to make sure she was alright, but Stacy took this as stalking and she was suddenly another one of his accusers.  She ultimately ended up posting private DMs that she and Vicki, Travis’s assistant, had shared over the years.  In my opinion it seemed like she had been playing both sides for a while only to get information for Ashley and friends.  While Stacy never officially set up a GoFundMe account for money, she did, at one point, state how depressed she was over and over on Twitter that she couldn’t afford to go to a con, and somehow within minutes enough people had sent her enough money to be able to attend.


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