– Sgt. Stephanie Fiebke of the New York National Guard / 3rd Battalion 142nd Aviation Regiment (AHB) / RosieTRiveter / Misha Collins Fan / Wayward Daughter-

05/31/2017:  Sgt. Stephanie Fiebke Army National Guard / 3rd Battalion 142nd Aviation Regiment (AHB) / @RosieTRiveter:

While one can’t be sure who, in fact, has been trying to get Travis bullied over his military career, it would seem to be the most vocal person in the fandom would be Sgt. Stephanie Fiebke aka @RosieTRiveter.  From the brief investigation I have done, she seems to be a little obsessed with Travis.  At one point during a livestream that Reba Snodgrass had done, you can even see a comment from @RosieTRiveter stating she was still waiting to hear back on info of his military career. Back in 2015, after the hacking, she had spoken to Travis at one point via DM (which I have added below) and stated she worked for a family service program, but “wore a green suit too.”  She also claims, however, to be a Blackhawk mechanic in the Army. She has it listed on her profile on Twitter.  After some investigation, and finding she is in the Army National Guard in New York, more specifically the 3rd Battalion 142nd Aviation Regiment (AHB) she more than likely does both; with being a desk jockey during the week, and a mechanic one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year.  I find this quite ironic considering she told Travis at first, that being in the reserves, and only serving one weekend a month, and two weeks out of the. year, he wouldn’t technically be a veteran.  That later changed to ‘he couldn’t be a veteran because he had never activated or deployed’ at all during his time in service.  She goes on to point out that she’s deployed two or three times herself. I’m guessing this is just one of those “I’m a better veteran than you” kind of arguments?  I was always under the assumption that the military depended on teamwork. Yet she ridicules Travis for not being up front about his military career, leading people to believe that he is on the front lines, when in fact he wasn’t.  Helicopter mechanics aren’t usually ones to be in hand to hand combat either, but I wouldn’t think that would make you less of a soldier?

Upon my nvestigation, I found that Travis happened to serve during a time period when we were between two wars.  He was honorably discharged after serving three years in the Marine Reserves after sustaining an injury to his right knee requiring many surgeries. He always simply stated he was a Marine.  He never stated he was active duty.  He never stated he was in the reserves.  He just said “Marine.”  If anyone assumed anything from that, how was that his fault? If he suffered a trauma in combat training that affected him psychologically, who are you to say what he can or can’t feel? For a fandom that seems to be based on family, understanding, depression, anxiety, triggering, etc, there seems to be a lot of judgmental people out there against him on this.  What it all comes down to is a Marine is a Marine, no matter how many miles they travel, how many guns they shoot, where they shoot the guns, with whom they shoot the guns, how many days a month/year they put in, or how they are physically/mentally when they get out.  Once a Marine always a Marine.

Recently it has been brought to my attention that Sgt. Fiebke has not only once again started stalking and harassing Travis, but she has also accused me of “doxxing” her by looking up priveleged information which she doesn’t want publicly known.  She stated when she did this to Travis, that it’s not illegal to look up  unit numbers and deploy dates which he publicly provided.  Maybe you shouldn’t post pics of yourself in uniform with name visible, or past units?   If anyone else sees her attacks of a US Veteran as deplorable as I do, please feel free to contact her commanding officer:

3-142d Assault Helicopter Battalion (AHB)

Battalion Operations Sergeant
MSG Christopher Bullock
Phone: (631) 471-0936
Email: chris.j.bullock.mil@mail.mil


Sgt. Stephanie Fiebke a.k.a. @RosieTRiveter

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Travis Aaron Wade – United States Marine Corps

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