– Sara Burnhope / @CastielUK / Misha Collins Fan / Wayward Daughter-

Fight Hate With Love TAW: 

While it had been rather quiet for a while, as soon as Mark stood up for Travis, the hate started up again.  Travis decided to unblock everyone he didn’t have a legal case against, and let people see what he dealt with on a day-to-day basis on social media. He quote-tweeted every piece of hate aimed at him with a kind response. It was during this that someone had reached out to Travis stating that Misha sent his love and a hug, to which another user, @CastielUK,  stated they doubted that.  They said that they personally knew Misha didn’t like Travis, and dared him to ask her how she knew.  As soon as that happened more hate broke out.  Upon looking up @CastielUK’s Twitter profile, people noticed that she had a Crowdrise account set up and notified Travis and his team.  Without looking deeper into it, and because of his past history with people using popularity from hating on him to get financial gain, he jumped to conclusions and made a comment saying she was just using him to get money like the rest of them. Much to Travis’s dismay, the user had a Crowdrise account set up to be able to go on a mission with Random Acts, the charity started by Misha Collins.  Travis issued an apology, but in reality,  even him calling her out, and fans donating as retaliation to this outburst, had helped the user benefit as she completely raised the rest of the amount for her trip by the next morning.  Who is to say that was not her intent from the beginning?  She would later admit that she did happen to raise $2,000 for her trip in less than six hours, due to the donations from people who “hate” Travis. A few months after the first incident, even after he had left Twitter, she tried to mention him in another Crowdrise Tweet, but as he hadn’t been online, it went unnoticed.  In the end Travis was right, she used his situation to earn money to go on her trip.


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