– Random & Final Thoughts –

Random thoughts in the end: After investigating this whole disaster, there are some random questions that have come to mind.
  • This whole debacle began during the time when Bill Cosby suddenly had multiple women come forward accusing him of sexual harassment and assault. It was blasted on the news daily.
  • For some reason people think searching your own name on social media is equivalent to stalking.  If I were to tell you that Misha Collins has somehow managed to DM, retweet, Tweet, or reply to a Tweet of at least 6 of the people involved in this what would you think?  Keep in mind that Mr. Collins does not follow fans, has over 3 million followers, and rarely Tweets or replies to fans on Twitter. The amount of notifications he must get daily is probably mind-blowing.  As busy as he is with his charity work, family, and with Supernatural, he would surely have to do some sort of search, or have an assistant / social media manager to find these people for him.
  • Many of these fans, even before the Tara Larson scandal, seem to be big Misha Collins fans.  The fact that these stars, especially Misha Collins, who runs a charity encouraging random acts of kindness to all, allowed his fans to send death threats and hate to Travis for all of these years astonishes me.  I find it amusing how the Supernatural fandom seems to be upset with Travis because his fans keep attacking him, yet Travis blames the fans and not his co-star.
  • Quite a few of Travis Aaron Wade’s accusers seem to be able to afford to go to quite a few conventions every year.  One that pops to mind is Ashley McClintic.  She was working at Best Buy, more than likely minimum wage or around that, and traveling to 4-5 cons, with gold ticket entry ($1000-$1500 per con), not counting room/board, and sometimes would even fly from PA to CA for a Louden Swain concert over a weekend.  Has she done this before?  Could this be a habit for her? Another one is Mel aka @mishasdiary.  She lives in Germany yet comes to many conventions each year both stateside and overseas.  Granted she is young and from what I can tell, single, but international flights cannot be cheap let alone admission and many photo ops/autographs/Meet&Greets with the cast.
  • GoFundMe / Crowdrise Accounts: While not all of Mr. Wade’s accusers have set up accounts asking for money, quite a few have.  Altogether five of the accusers have at some point asked for money, with a total of eight requests or accounts started.  Ashley McClintic has set up a GoFundMe account.  Another Crowdrise account was set up by another on her behalf (after her request) regarding legal fees against Mr. Wade. (Which was pretty smart on Ashley’s part considering the IRS would go after the person who set up the account.) Lexi Cooper has set up two Crowdrise accounts.  Lua James/Theresa Cotter has flat out asked for money on her Twitter account, then attended a convention the next weekend.  Reba Snodgrass has set up two GoFundMe accounts.  Stacy LePore was given money when after complaining enough about not being able to go to a con. Even Sarah Burnhope, who is actually part of Misha Collins’s OWN CHARITY, brags that people hating on Travis helped her bring in $2,000 in under six hours to reach her goal.  She goes on to try to Tweet another link to a fundraiser after Travis has left Twitter, to make more, but ended up failing. Yet Random Acts says NOTHING!
  • Ashley McClintic has repeatedly asked Mr. Wade to “let this go and move on.”  In fact, she wants to “move on” so much, that she has Tweeted his name, variation of his name, or even nickname over 950 times in the past three years. In fact, she just recently, out of nowhere, stopped Tweeting about anything Supernatural at all and switching to Marvel. That is what letting go is.  I commend her on that decision.
  • Sgt. Stephanie Fiebke has harassed and stalked Mr. Wade for two years now.  Tweeting about him or his military status over 300 times.  Even before the CHICon Karaoke incident, she had investigated his career enough to tweet on Aug 29, 2015, that “I have more military experience than TAW,”  and “I think Misha needs a bodyguard. I am a military trained killer and I’m willing to dedicate my life to staying next to Misha at all times.”  That seems misleading to me.  Its’ just an observation, but bragging about being a military-trained killer may make people think you’re actually in hand-to-hand combat and not just a helicopter mechanic.  You may want to watch that.
  • During my investigation I have spoken to numerous classmates of Lexi Cooper, and have been told that she and a close friend of hers, were the bullies of their class and master manipulators. More than one person was driven to the point of a suicide attempt.  Personally, between that and what I’ve discovered she’s put Mr. Wade through over the past few years, I would be very leery of what I said to her or to have any contact with her at all, and fear for the safety of anyone she meets in Broadway, which is where she apparently is trying to find work now.
  • In my own personal opinion, I truly believe some people in the Supernatural fandom need to take a step back and look at reality.  Not all of you, because most do have a firm grip on reality.  The ones I’m speaking of are the ones who are upset that the cast did not step forward to “stand up for them” in the war against Mr. Wade.  Some claimed that they are family (SPN Family), and family should stand up for family.  I’ve heard one person claim that with conventions they spent over 20 weekends out of a year with them, or they paid for their T-Shirt campaigns.  SPNFam makes you actually blood-related time-and-money-owed relatives as much as being “Friends” on Facebook makes you actual “Friends.”  They spend 20+ weekends a year with you at conventions because you PAY them quite a bit of money to spend 20+ weekends a year out of conventions. So get it together people!  These actors and celebrities would have absolutely nothing to do with you unless you paid them.  If they were really your “family,” would they not call or email to check up on you from time to time? The fact is that they do not care the way that you believe they do,  and the only reason they call you family is to keep you coming back to more conventions.  Don’t be idiots.  They could care less and none of them remember you or know your name unless you go to many conventions and have many photo ops/ autographs with them.
  • Mr. Wade’s main fault in all of this, was that he cared.  In the beginning, as he hadn’t dealt with a fandom before, especially of the size that the SPN fandom is; he didn’t even have many followers on social media at the time, and he interacted with fans.  If he saw someone suffering with anxiety or depression, he would reach out.  Once conversation began, and feelings were shared, the fans he spoke to would take it as if he was their actual friend.  When he was too busy to reply, or it felt like he was giving them the cold shoulder, they retaliated.  Some of the accusers involved in this fall into this category. I will not reveal names as they are under legal investigation, but I’m sure that you can tell.  In the long run, this is why actors do not interact with their fans much on a personal level; to protect themselves.
As I stated in the beginning, I began this investigation because I was informed by someone involved that Travis Aaron Wade had sexually harassed several women in the Supernatural fandom.  As I investigated the “proof,” the allegations grew more and more crazy the farther I got into it. From what I’ve seen there is no solid proof anywhere of Travis ever doing anything wrong.  In fact, I’ve seen National Enquirer articles on Elvis still being alive or proof of aliens that have been more believable than any of this.  There are three major mistakes that I can see that Travis Aaron Wade made in all of this.
  1. He should not have interacted with fans via direct message or phone unless they were in an organized setting and or with chaperones present.  The chaperone being present as much for his sake as for the fan.
  2. Have someone do background research on people who offer to do interviews with you or that you allow to help with your charities.  Monica Gleberman should not be allowed to be involved with the entertainment industry.  After doing more research on Monica Gleberman, I found that she is one to start rumors quite frequently.  Most of the problems that t.r.u.t.4h. had encountered, even before attending NJCon, were from random pieces of gossip that Monica would tell certain people in the charity, and it would eventually make its way back to Travis and Vicki.  She uses her connections from her career to manipulate people.  She manipulated Mr. Wade into an interview with her colleagues Michele Villerey and Jackie Boranski, so they would be able to start rumors of his stalker-like sexual harassment behavior.  She manipulated Mr. Wade into a GISHWHES conference call where her friend, Lexi Cooper, would be able to get close enough to him, to eventually accuse him of sexual harassment.  She manipulated Mr. Wade into a phone call with Lua James aka Theresa Cotter, so she could get close to him to gather information for Ashley McClintic and her assassination of his reputation.
  3. No matter how much you like to believe in people in general, or feel that any person is kind, be very careful of whom you place your trust, and whom you offer to help.  Not all people in the world show their true colors on the outside, especially when hiding behind keyboards on social media.
  I understand people want to automatically believe people when they say they’ve been sexually harassed or that they’ve been stalked, but Travis obviously never did any of that.  After speaking with a psychologist regarding this, they informed me that most men who manipulate women like this, would never take on so many at one time.  They only take on the amount they can control.  Which is why Bill Cosby, who was recently convicted of such a thing, had his victims spread out over a 50+ year period.  For this many people to come forward over such a short amount of time, Travis would have been called out before, as this would have been something going on before his Supernatural run, and not just overnight out of nowhere.  In reality Travis is still good friends with all of his ex girlfriends to this day.  I would think if he had done anything like this they wouldn’t be friends.  If a person allegedly commits a murder, they are given a trial.  If people allegedly commit robberies, they are given a trial.  When people are accused of sexual harassment it seems we are just putting them in front of a firing squad.  Where is the justice in that?  With new allegations coming out every day on people in the entertainment industry, something has GOT to be done. Eventually enough of these false allegations against celebrities will make it so actual victims of such crimes will not be believable.
In the end, Supernatural is just a television show.  The show will eventually end.  The conventions will eventually stop.  The actors will hopefully move on to a new show.  What will the fandom do then exactly?  This is just social media people.  It’s one long fence where the neighbors log in to hear the latest gossip.  Just because you talk to these same “neighbors” every day, does not mean they are who they claim to be.  Some have ulterior motives; some are just bored; some are trying to escape their own lives by being someone else and making up stories; some are willing to do anything to get a spin-off show picked up by a network; some have been extensively burned by men in the past and have a vendetta out against everyone.  Just be warned though, doing this can ultimately ruin someone else life, career, or reputation, and now that the evidence is public, it may be your reputation and career on the line and not Travis Aaron Wade’s.
(If anyone has any additional information on the incidents outlined above, or on any of the alleged participants in plotting against, harassing, and stalking Mr. Wade, including Ashley McClintic (@ashhawkshadow / @chunkychipbucky), Theresa Cotter/Lua James (@poptivist), Monica Gleberman (@monica1236), Lexi (Alexis) Cooper (@lexicooperxo / @hugsforthemish), Stacy LePore (@stacejospn), Emily Cleghorn (@exorcisingemily), Michele Villery (@bedofroses2001 / @tylangston / @thescoop), Jackie Bojarski, Kristin Justice (@NovaksMinion / @1Waywardsister), Reba Snodgrass (@RebaWinchester / @Mishanews), Jessica Halliday (@tehjessicarae), Jenna DeViller, Kim Swartz (@kimsayssmile / @penucks_fan) , Falon Yates (@ashesinyourhair / @falonyates), Janelle Clay Davis (@GhostOfBobby), Rike Marie, or Mel (@mishasdiary / @yousavedyou) please email info@spntrollsvstravisaaronwade.com.  Informant names will be kept confidential.)