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During Purcon Travis met Rike Marie (Instagram: @nudemish, Twitter: @delusionalmarie.) Rike Marie seemed to get a little obsessed with Travis after the con.  She would soon send naked pictures and pornographic video of  herself to whom she thought was Travis, but in reality were sent to Travis’s assistant who was watching over all email and social media part-time at this point.  She later accuses Travis of sexual harassment.

It should be stated that there has never been any proof of conversation between Travis and Rike Marie; other than pornographic photos and videos which were sent by email and random DMs that were sent to Travis on Twitter, and that neither Travis nor Vicki ever responded to any of these.  Feeling rejected and ignored, Rike Marie begins claiming Travis sexually harassed her during their photo op which shows no improper interaction on Travis’s behalf.


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  • In March of 2017, Melanie Adeline(@MishasDiary), a good friend of Rike Marie, contacted Travis on Instagram and began having a week-long chat. Having nothing to hide, Travis answered every question honestly.  On March 18, 2017, a group DM was started on Instagram by Rike Marie and her good friend Mel (@Mishasdiary).  They randomly added celebrities, including Barak Obama, Misha Collins, Justin Bieber, and Travis Aaron Wade, and then began attacking Travis.  They asked him to leave, but he declined and continued to speak to them, knowing that his attorneys would want copies for the case file. In fact, videos and screenshots of this DM were posted online, many taken out of context or altered.  It was during this chat that Rike Marie informed him that he had sexually harassed her at Purcon, which was news to Travis.




  • When confronted by Travis’s assistant with proof of the photos she had actually sent to Vicki and not  to Travis as she thought, Rike Marie was given the option of publicly apologizing or having charges filed against her for sending unsolicited porn.  She agreed at first, but never submitted her apology to Travis, so a legal case is pending.  As such, the pornographic photos and videos of her have not and will not be posted.  Rike Marie was also reported to the people in charge of Purcon, along with the photos,  to ensure better protection of the actors in attendance.  She has also been reported to the German authorities and there is currently a case pending against her.  It has been stated that if Rike Marie publicly apologizes and admits to her lies, then the case will be dropped.


11/2017 –@MishasDiary Contacts VMB:

@MishasDiary DMs Vicki from her backup account @yousavedyou (a sock account used to spy when blocked on her main,) asking why her main account, @MishasDiary, was still blocked.  She said that Travis had Tweeted that he had told Vicki to unblock everyone he did not have a legal case against, and she couldn’t figure out why she was still blocked.  Vicki told her that in March @MishasDiary and @NudeMish (Rike Marie) had cornered Travis in a group chat on Instagram with a few others, and accused him of sexual harassment of @NudeMish.  The same @NudeMish who had sent Travis (actually Vicki) pornographic photos and videos of herself and threw herself at him in a DM that I have personally witnessed myself.  @MishasDiary continued to try to talk Vicki into unblocking her, which I honestly don’t understand why, since she seems to dislike Travis so much. Since it was the day of Vicki’s brother’s funeral, she told @MishasDiary that she had asked why she hadn’t unblocked her, and she told her why, that was it.  End of discussion.  Vicki then blocked @MishasDiary’s @yousavedyou account as well on both hers as well as Travis’s.


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12/25/17 – @MishasDiary Accuses VMB Of Being Tara Larson:  

On Christmas evening, Travis was notified that someone was accusing Vicki of being Tara Larson, which he thought was odd since she and her daughter had both had surgeries that week and hadn’t been online.  He immediately called Vicki and her husband answered the phone and confirmed she was in fact recovering from surgery.  @MishasDiary posted screenshots of a DM between a @peaceandfr3edom and supposedly VMB.  She even claimed she had a live video of this DM as it was happening.  I spoke to Vicki and although she did not give me any proof that she had surgery, and why should she, but she did show me the only DM that she had between herself and @peaceandfr3edom.  The account had contacted her in November,  stating that a friend of theirs had been in a Misha Collins M&G in NOLACon, and her friend had told her that Misha had been speaking badly of Travis.  She had given Vicki proof and at the end of that conversation Vicki had blocked them, realizing this person was a sock account and just trying to stir up trouble.


01/01/18 – MishasDiary Releases Private Messages From Travis In 03/2015:  

As Mel continued her attack on Vicki and Travis, she released several screenshots from a private DM that she had with Travis in March the previous year.  As was par for the course for people attacking Travis,  the screenshots that were posted were out of context and some messages were deleted, but they were posted nonetheless.  As there is a pending legal case against Mel and Rike Marie, I was unable to obtain the DMs between Travis and @MishasDiary for evidence.  These messages seemed to set the fandom off even more than usual.  Tensions were high.  Attacks against Travis were more intense than usual.  While Travis would convey that he had nothing to do with the Tara Larson account, or posting the material, he actually did agree with Tara’s point of view.  He believes that doing such poses are not only disrespectful to women, and wouldn’t want to send such messages out to the many young people on social media.  So due to his moral standards, Travis refused to comply with any photo op request from fans that require any kiss of a sexual nature or inappropriate pose.  I have performed an extensive search and have yet to find any inappropriate photo ops with Travis, yet clearly with Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles, there are many.  This throws up a major red flag from my perspective, as the one person being accused of “sexual harassment” on numerous occasions, seems to have higher moral standards where women are concerned than the actual cast and obviously the fan base involved in this attack.



It should be stated that creating a live video of an actual DM between two accounts is very simple if you know a little bit about video editing and photoshop, as demonstrated below.



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