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Lorraine (@natasharcmanova): 

  • After the hacking incident, and “Travis” supposedly telling people that he was making a list for Creation, Lorraine Tweeted to Creation Entertainment regarding this.  She did not tag Travis, yet he still saw the Tweets, so of course she says he must be searching his name and stalking. I wasn’t aware that it was illegal for celebrities, or anyone, to search their own name?  In fact, a lot of celebrities do this; Pink, Emma Stone, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig, even Robert Downey Jr.  It’s how they monitor their fanbase and what people think of them, some to look at criticism and see where they can improve, others just to see the humor in it.  That said, Lorraine was Tweeting to Travis’s employer, his job/employer/income, and spreading rumors from a hacker, that could adversely affect his life.  I honestly don’t see what the problem is with this.  He offered to take it to a DM or even a phone call, but Lorraine declined. I myself prefer phone calls.  It’s too difficult to detect tone or context from typed or written messages sometimes, especially important conversations; but again, that’s just my opinion.  She also states that he reminded her of her mentally abusive father, but I’m not sure how that is Travis’s fault or why he deserves to be publicly harassed for her PTSD?


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