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Kristen Justice @novaksminion @1waywardsister @kristinj78:

I will attach Kristin’s “story” of what Travis allegedly did to her below for all to read.  These are my thoughts on this “story.”

  • While I don’t know Travis personally, I do know that from everyone that I’ve interviewed regarding him, he has always asked if he can even give them a hug.  So I personally, in MY OWN OPINION, find it difficult to believe that he would just get up and kiss someone at all, let alone on the mouth.  There was one photo op where he came close to kissing a fan on the mouth, who also happened to be a friend, but he didn’t.
  • As for the standing on stage, taking selfies pointing down and taking pics of women’s chests…..he was on stage higher than the women he was taking pics of, thus he had to point down to take the pictures.
  • She literally says that she was drunk on Kim and Briana who were two feet away from her, but she can hear him talk above all of the other people in the front row.
  • While Travis’s legal team will not allow me to post many DMs from Travis’s Instagram account, I have been told that none ever existed between Kristen (@kristinj78), and himself. How convenient that she deleted the same DM on her end?  It’s a good thing that his attorneys have the Instagram transcripts to prove that.
  • Let’s get real, you’re telling me that a guest star of the show is sitting in a hotel lobby at a con, playing CAH with fans, and there is not ONE photo to back this up? That would have been the first proof people offered up.  Don’t buy it.
  • Travis was with one of his best friends, Anthony Garcia, that night after karaoke.  They went to the hotel where a fan, Megan, had died to check to see if they could help with anything. But, at no point were they ever sitting in a hotel lobby playing CAH with fans or trashing Creation.
  • It should also be noted that Kristin Justice is also a cousin to Rike Marie, the young girl who accused Travis at Purcon by Kristin’s own report.


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