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05/15/16 – Storify:

On 05/15/16, @ashesinyourhair/@falonyates published an unorganized storyline on the accuser’s stories.  The viewer count rose significantly which made the Storify leap to the first page on Travis’s Google search. She seemed quite proud of that too.  Falon would be very tempramental on line, either being oddly sympathetic (sometimes the irony is hysterical), or just plain vile towards Travis or any of his fans.


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07/14/16: University Of Alabama Letter: In July 2016, Vicki Malone Bartle wrote a letter to the University Of Alabama regarding Falon Yates.  Falon had been in attack mode over Travis for the past three months and as Vicki and Travis were informed that Falon was an intern, felt the school should now what type of person they had representing the school, even after being presented with a Cease & Desist letter.


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