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The time has come for the Creation Entertainment part of this “story” to come out.  After some intense investigation, I have found that Creation not only pays the leads of Supernatural $150,000 each per appearance at each con.  Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are at these conventions for one day only.  Even if they work a 12 hour day, which I highly doubt they do, that would be a total of $1,416.00 per hour. (While it has been said that Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins are part owners in Creation Entertainment, I could not locate any information on this but multiple sources have confirmed this to be true.) 

So what does that say about everyone who complains about Creation?  It’s no one but their beloved actors that are setting the prices and ripping you all off.

Meanwhile the other guests/co-stars receive significantly less, and the women make less than 10% of what Jared and Jensen make.  Contracts are generally signed by all cast members involved in the conventions, agreeing not to reveal what they are paid, but that tends to be an industry standard.  Artists who do reveal such information to the public, or try to make/suggest changes, are generally fired or no longer asked to return.

Through my investigation, I spoke with several Creation volunteers who claimed that TAW demanded that the female guests get equal pay and equal work.  This was not only where things started to get rusty between TAW and Creation, but also the stars of the show felt he was demanding something that made them look bad.  In my opinion, you can’t make someone look bad unless they are doing it themselves.

With Supernatural being on it’s last leg, and entering it’s fourteenth season, Creation Entertainment realized that their biggest income generator would soon be over as well.  So the executives and the cast / Co-owners decided to squeeze their fans knowing they would pay.

Creation also hosts Star Trek conventions as well, and even Star Trek is down to one annual convention.  They have raised prices on Supernatural conventions steadily over the last few years, adding more fees for every tiny thing imaginable.  They have even stopped people from using their phones at karaoke night (the only free event remaining) for selfies with the actors on stage during the show, and have begun charging $40 per selfie. Although, may I add, that had they done this from the beginning, Ashley McClintick would never have had the alleged issue she claims with Travis.

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The Supernatural cast, along with Creation, realized that much like Star Trek, conventions will dwindle after the show ends.  They realized that they needed to get more talent in, and maybe even a spinoff, to keep the fire burning within the fandom.  They saw the huge following the Kim Rhodes / Brianna Buckmaster team received from fans, and ran with it.   There began the 3-4 year campaign to get a Wayward Sisters spinoff picked up.  In order to get the Wayward Sister spinoff picked up, Creation Entertainment had made a deal with a select few fans.  The fans were to help Creation rally the fandom, in any way possible, in order to get the Wayward Sisters spinoff picked up.

As Travis’s fanbase started to rise, and he joined the Creation convention circuit, Creation’s plans were sidetracked.  Along with Misha Collins, Creation was in the process of starting a T-shirt company named Creation Stands, selling T-shirts with graphics from the show and fandom, with proceeds going to the actor’s choice of charities.  It would be revealed later that only 10% of the proceeds would actually be going to charity, while the rest would be going to Creation and the actors themselves. During Travis’s fourth Creation convention at New Jersey in 20015, his charity t.r.u.t.4h had been selling T-shirts to help raise money to get fans to Creation conventions, this did not sit well with Creation or the rest of the cast who would see a profit from Creation Stands, and because of that, they allegedly worked with Theresa Cotter and Monica Gleberman t0 derail not only t.r.u.t.4h., but also Travis himself.  As you can read here, NJCON 2015 was a disaster for t.r.u.t4h., and the beginning of the end for Travis himself. The following month, Oct 2015, was the infamous karaoke incident with Ashley McClintick.  As Ashley was underage and extremely intoxicated at the time, Creation told Travis that they would offer him no help with this.  Even though they had multiple videos provided by fans of Ashley herself coming on to Travis, begging him for attention, and threatening to make his life hell if he didn’t, (this has also been confirmed by other fans who were near Ashley that evening, both at the con and at the hotel later that evening) Creation could NOT release said videos as they would be in serious trouble for underage drinking on their property.  Through multiple Creation volunteers, it was made clear TAW had major issues with the under-age drinking and once again demanded this change.  Not very smart of a four-episode guest star actors to make demands; but then again, the stars were too busy counting all of your hard earned dollars to care, in my opinion.

In fact, when Ashley McClintick reached out to Adam Malin (c0-CEO Creation Entertainment), he responded that Travis had been informed that he would not be allowed to participate in any extra activities, such as karaoke and/or Saturday Night Special (concert) any longer.  He also asked her to keep this between them, which of course Ashley did not.


In reality, it was Travis’s legal team and management that told him he couldn’t participate in those activities any longer, as they were obviously dangerous not only to himself, but to his career.

While the drama and the smear campaign against Travis continued into 2016, Creation took notice of the complaints on social media.  Gary Berman, co-CEO of Creation Entertainment, suggested they make sock accounts to praise the price of convention tickets, but that suggestion was supposedly refused. There did seem to be multiple sock accounts created during the smear campaign though, and knowing that Gary Berman had suggested Creation of such sock accounts for the other, makes one wonder if he had anything to do with the others that continued to pop up throughout this whole ordeal.  By August of 2016, when Travis’s contract with Creation Entertainment had ended, things began to die down considerably, at least from the Ashley McClintic / Creation Entertainment avenue.

Creation continues to raise prices significantly annually.  While I would like to blame this completely on the company itself, after investigating, I feel it has a lot to do with the Supernatural cast demands as well.  Looking at the Creation website, the Star Trek convention is only held annually now, but it is also a five day long event.  A golden ticket to the Star Trek convention is $989, which includes not only reserved seating for the entire five days, but autographs with thirteen guests, Saturday Night Gala admission (orchestra performance) in your reserved gold ticket seat, admission to the Friday Night Dance Party, limited edition collectors coin, Creation Trek-Treat card which according to the Creation site is  “A special card, just for you, filled with free gifts and bonus offers in the fantastic vendors room!”, first for autographs, pre-registration, special color coded wristbands, collectible laminated badge credentials, admission to a secondary theater, admission to vendors room (free anyway), Gold Patron Thursday Night Dinner Party which is a ($199 value alone), chance to reserve your seats for the following year, and admission to The Promenade.  This convention currently has 139 guest stars attending. Other than the sit down dinner, and the orchestra performance included, which cost $199 and $50 respectively, the remainder of events which include All-Star Lineup, Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Sets and Promenade Hallway, Spotlight On Craftspeople, Deforrest Kelley Theater, The Human Adventure, and The Best Of Star Trek are all completely free to all attendees, even those with general admission.

Meanwhile for a Supernatural convention, which is only a three-day event, a gold ticket  costs $995, front row $1700.  This includes autographs from eight cast members, including Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (they only sign autographs for Gold and Silver ticket holders by the way), reserved seats, priority in all lines for autographs and photographs, priority pre-registration, collectible credentials, admission to the Saturday Night concert with Louden Swain, chance to reserve your gold seat for the following year, free access to the karaoke party and the vendor room (which is free anyway), and a special Sunday morning 30-45 minute panel with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles themselves.  Supernatural conventions average around 10-12 guest stars attending.  Other than Friday Karaoke which is free to all, the remainder of events at a Supernatural convention seem to be Saturday Night Concert ($70, but free with Gold, Silver, and Copper packages), Rob & Rich’s Charlotte Bus Tour ($329, including lunch), Ruth Connel’s Witching Hour ($249), Kim & Brianna’s Pajama Party ($299), Director Dick Chat ($150).  All of the extra activities are that amount IN ADDITION to convention admission tickets, even Gold.

While autographs and photo ops with each cast vary, but I did notice that even William Shatner with his 67 year acting career, Captain Kirk himself, arguably the poster boy for Star Trek, only charges $100 each per photo op and for autograph; while Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles charge $179 for a photo individually or $369 with both of them together, and they won’t even sign an autograph unless you purchase a gold or silver package for the weekend.

People can continue to turn a blind eye as the cast and Creation continue to drain them of their income.  It is a free market and people can spend their money on what they choose.  I myself have decided to stop supporting a business that degrades women and tarnishes reputations to make a buck. The choice is yours.


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