– Emily Cleghorn / @exorcisingemily / Misha Collins Fan / Wayward Daughter-

@ExorcisingEmily/Emily Cleghorn: (The Geekiary / SPN Anti-Bullying): 

  • Travis had originally reached out to Emily Cleghorn post-hacking.  He had apparently heard of her history with Cliff Kosterman and Creation Entertainment, getting kicked out of Chicon, and thought he could get some advice from her.





  • Afterwards, to thank her, Travis left a request with his assistant to send out a thank you package for Emily, including a bracelet for her daughter, as they had spoken about her love for Star Wars on the phone.  However, this somehow got delayed in getting sent out, and when it finally did, the package was returned, and the contents torn. Emily Cleghorn continued to harass Travis, saying that he had torn the envelope and contents himself.




  • SPN AntiBullying: As the bullying against Travis seemed to continue, he contacted the SPN Antibullying group on Twitter, thinking that they could help. Unfortunately they could not.  He pointed out that they helped other people, cast members, that were not targeted, but they continued to deny Travis help. Over time fans would point out to Travis and his assistant that SPN Antibullying were actually mutuals with many of the people attacking Travis. Travis was not the only one who pointed this out.  Fans and even William Shatner were aware that this group was very hypocritical, as one of the admins of SPN Antibullying was Emily herself.  Unfortunately, since many of Travis’s haters seemed to follow this group, it only made things worse each time he complained.  More and more Travis fans and haters would start up sock accounts to voice opinions as their personal accounts were getting serious hate and sometimes death threats.  SPNAntibullying would have no problem shutting the anti-hater accounts down, but nothing would be done about the anti-Travis.  (It should be stated here that may of the “haters” have claimed that Travis attacks them.  Travis has never attacked a fan on social media.  In actuality, it has been fans doing the attacking.  Travis nor his management can control his fans.  Travis has tried to ask them to stop, unlike any of the other actors such as Misha Collins or J2 (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles), however, it does not stop fans from continuing to attack.  There have been many sock accounts started up by fans and haters that Travis and his assistant get accused of running, but never have. At one point Social Media Management, a small company that Travis had hired to watch over his social media for him, contacted SPN Antibullying to discuss this matter, but somehow Emily seemed to think it was directed at her, and became involved.  Unfortunately this was never resolved, although it does seem that SPN Antibullying has not Tweeted in almost two years.  At one point William Shatner went up against Emily and SPNAB, for attacking one of his employees.  He also pointed out their hypocrisy in their rules and regulations.  They state that they only step in when there is targeted hate, yet even when Travis was getting continually tagged in hate, did nothing to step in to help.  After the “attacks” from Travis and Shatner, and the mailed gifts/letters, Emily Cleghorn played victim and even claimed that she had filed a supposed 100 page police report, although, the copy of the police report I obtained was significantly shorter. (Two pages to be exact.)  Even though the officer who filled out this report suggested that she just stay offline as a solution, Emily’s mommy stepped in, made some threats since her husband is retired police, and Officer Ortiz directed them a number to homicide for further assistance.  When contacted, the San Antonio Police Department stated there was no pending case against Mr. Wade.


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